In March the House of Lords in UK brought forward for consideration government’s proposals to build the UK’s first casino in Manchester that would resemble Las Vegas super-style casinos and build 16 other casinos around the country.
However, several scientists argued that there was a lack of health debate to assess potential health effects of introducing gambling to UK.

These doctors are trying to raise awareness of the problems gambling could cause in the same way other addictive activities do including drinking alcohol and smoking.

Although UK has a low prevalence of gamblers’ problems, they are likely to increase when the Gambling Act 2005 gets implemented.

Gambling affects physical, mental and social aspects of human life and creates debt. Gamblers and pathological gamblers are more likely than others in the general population to have been divorced, had physical and psychological problems, lost a job, been receiving welfare benefits, been declared bankrupt, and been imprisoned. Not to mention problems regarding juvenile delinquency, family problems violence against intimate partners seen with pathological gamblers.

New proposals for developing casinos should be brought forward by the UK government next year. The doctors are arguing that properly funded assessment of health effects must be part of any new proposals because anything that makes the poor people in Britain poorer will damage their health and further increase inequality in health.