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A recent survey has pinpointed a disturbing trend of an increasing number of people turning to off the counter kits for DIY dentistry. Here are some possible reasons why this might be happening.

There have been increasing reports on the rise of DIY dentistry in Britain over the last few years and it looks like this disturbing trend is only catching on stronger. So what is the reason that a developed country with access to quality dental care facilities and a high level of education has more and more citizens turning to dental care methods that are straight out of the dark ages? Here are some possible answers.

Access To Dentistry Is Expensive

Dental treatment always tends to be expensive, and that is the situation the world over. Now, the situation in Britain is such that patients have the choice to go to a NHS dentist, the treatment costs of which are completely covered for a large section of society, or a private dentist. Some people, who are already availing certain other benefits from the government like housing benefits do not qualify for free care and thus have to pay certain pre-prescribed NHS costs.

Britain, like most of Europe, has been going through a tough time when it comes to economic growth and is struggling to find a balance between social benefits that are taking a huge bite out of their budget and a call for reducing taxes. It is obvious that the two cannot exist together. One thing that I would like to mention here is that while dentistry is expensive no doubt, it is well within reach of the vast majority of people. The trouble is that people seem to not prioritize their teeth as much. Several studies have noted that a good set of teeth has been linked to success in social and professional circles.

It may seem shallow, but your teeth and their appearance dictates the first impression you make on people as well as an idea of how well you take care of yourself.

Another reason why dentistry is expensive is that the costs that the doctor has to bear for strict norms of sterilization, insurance, materials themselves are also rising. Add to that crippling student loan debt rents and mortgages and you get an idea of why treatment is not free for everyone.

Lack Of Education And Awareness

Recent surveys have brought up instances of people using shop pliers to try and extract their teeth, using engine repair material as a substitute for fillings, and using over the counter kits to diagnose and then treat themselves. I have tried to think of a rational reason why people would be doing this and I honestly cannot.

The only reason could be that they have no idea of the damage they could be causing themselves. Think about it. None of these instruments are sterilized, there are no X-rays available, the people have had no training and the materials themselves are not meant for use in the oral cavity. Who in their right mind would look at all this and think "yes, this is the treatment option for me"?

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Dental diseases are slow to progress in most cases, and even this rate of progress varies greatly from individual to individual. The oral cavity is in fact one of the most difficult areas in the mouth for disease prevention, because of the wide variety of micro-organisms present, an environment open to extreme temperature fluctuations as well as other external influences and the dependency on the patients themselves to maintain a good level of oral hygiene. 

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