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If you were to meet me in person, you probably would not say, "Now there's a man who does yoga every day."
I inherited a good physique less suitable for a practitioner of yoga than for a linebacker on an American football team (one of the guys who can get hit without getting knocked down). I'm not naturally flexible. I'm naturally stiff.

I don't just have big bones. I have to do the battle of the bulge constantly to keep from getting just plain fat. And to this day I still can't do the cobra pose and there are days that I find it hard even to stand on one foot.

4. Yoga burns off fat.

Yoga is a low-intensity exercise. Men who do yoga don't experience the "burn" that other kinds of intense exercise generate. Yoga won't burn off excess sugar from the bloodstream the way intense aerobic exercise, the kind that leaves you out of breath, can burn excess sugar.
But clinical studies at the Defence Research and Development Organization in India have found that yoga burns about 80% more calories than mild aerobic exercise. Even pranayama (breathing) exercises and meditation burn more calories than a mild aerobic workout.

5. Yoga builds rock-hard muscle.

Yoga uses the force of gravity, and your own body mass, to build rock-hard muscle. Because the constant shift of body positions as you go through your poses works out nearly every muscle in your body, you build muscle with minimal risk of bruises, torn tendons, or muscle tears.

6. Yoga can relieve low back pain.

Doctors at Boston University recruited low-income manual laborers who had chronic back pain for yoga training. Yoga did not eliminate low-back pain, but the participants in the study who stuck with yoga training were able to manage their back pain with lower doses of pain relievers, and after 12 weeks, all men doing yoga training were off Vicodin.

7. Yoga can increase lung capacity.

Scientists at the Universidade de Caxias do Sul in Brazil ran a study to compare the benefits of yoga and aerobic exercise for increasing lung capacity. They found that neither form of exercise increased absolute maximum lung capacity, measured as the greatest amount of air participants in the study were able to exhale in a single breath. Practicing yoga, however, enables men to breathe deeper and longer at rates less than their maximums.

8. Yoga can lower blood pressure.

At least one clinical study, conducted at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis in the United States, has found that practicing yoga lowers blood pressure more than medication, although not drastically so. In this study, men who did yoga but did not take blood pressure medicine had systolic blood pressure readings about 3 points lower and diastolic blood pressure readings about 1 point lower than men who took blood pressure pills.

9. Yoga can improve your intellectual capacity.

Medical researchers at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia found that regular practice of yoga increased a measure of "selective attention" by 17%. Since the ability to hone in a problem is critical for the exercise of good judgment, yoga practice may help you make better decisions about the rest of your life.

10. Yoga may improve your sex life.

Too fast in the sack? At least one study has confirmed that practicing yoga was more effective than treatment with the antidepressant Paxil for treating premature ejaculation.