I have been dealing with erectile dysfunction for some time, and have reached the point on needing more intervention. So far oral medications have not helped, and Testosterone injections only help me with energy levels. Next week, I am being measured for a Medicare approved penis pump. I will give this 3 months to see if it works. If it does not meet the needs, I plan to have an inflatable penis prosthesis implanted. I am a Registered Nurse, and have seen a lot of videos on this, and it looks fairly minimal as far as surgery goes. It takes about 45 minutes. 

Does anybody out there have any experience with erectile inflatable implants? I talked to my urologist, a female, and she was great. I asked about the penile nerve stent, and they are only done under certain circumstances. Then I asked about shockwave therapy for the penis, and she said that only works for certain things, but not for ED. There is one modality left (other than surgery): the Vibraerect. It is a nerve stimulator for the penis. It costs about $300.00 and Medicare does not pay for that. There are penis injections and penis suppositories, and they are pricey.


Any more ideas, guys?