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I have tried various exercises for building up the calves, even steroids for a while. I saw calve implantation is right cosmetic surgery for me. I definitely decided to make that implants but first I would like to hear more about it. First question is does it hurt, will I be in general anesthesia? Then, how long these implants last, or how long I will be happy with results?


Calf implants are placed to increase the size of calves and to make them look more full and muscular. That involves making a small incision behind the knee. Then a pliable rubber implant is placed next to the calf muscle, making the calf muscle bulge out more. Appearance is usually quite natural, and it’s always possible to return to all normal activities. Surgical incision is quite small and is on the skin behind the knee, so pain is quite tolerable. There is just a discomfort in walking for a few days. The same as muscle ache felt after a vigorous workout such as marathon is. During surgery this area would be numb, so it would not hurt at all. Results for calf implants are often quite long lasting, but in the future you may have some problems with the implants or with your legs. This will cause necessitate to removal of the calf implants.