A 102-year-old woman from who passed away recently left $1 million in a biggest-ever bequest to the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

The woman who was in a facility during the last years of her life probably saw and was surrounded by various kinds of cognitive loss, including Alzheimer's and their devastating results, so she decided to add her contribution to possibly preventing or at least slow down the development and effects of brain cells’ damage and the resulting cognitive and independence loss.

The Alzheimer Society of Canada usually gets a total of $1 million in bequests in an entire year. One part of the woman’s legacy will be used to support research because this is where the hope lies. With so many research going on in the field of finding causes and potential treatments of the degenerative disease that destroys brain cells, the society gets to fund less than half the grants that would qualify.

This is why they are calling on the federal government to launch a nationwide strategy on dementia, including better prevention, diagnosis and treatment and far more research on a disease that will hit 750,000 Canadians by 2031.