SO i need some advise! I had my last period on July 15-20th. On the 26th of July I had sex, we used a condom through out the entire entercourse so he never entered me with out one. After, we checked the condom for breaks/tears and it had none, we are 100% sure. Although, what I'm scared of is that cum came out through the base of the condom whenever he finished inside of me. I never let him finish in me, it's always pull out + condom, but this time i let him. Whats the chance that whenever he came (missionary position) the cum came out through the base of he condom onto my vagina and got me pregnant? I've had minimal discharge, but it is like a white lotion like (non stretchy) type. ALSO, yesterday was like 9 days BEFORE my next EXPECTED period (so i haven't been late yet or anything) & my boobs are already sore. I'm worried I may be pregnant, and those be early symtoms. What are you guys opinions? thank you so much.