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So recently I linked up with an old friend. We hung out, had some drinks, and capped out the night by having sex. Midway through the intercourse, I noticed it was rough, we was using a condom. I checked on it and noticed that the condom broke. Now I wasn't worried at first because I didnt ejaculate at all. Idk if it was the alcohol or the use of the condom since I don't usually use them, but I didn't come at all. Now it's about a week later and the girl is telling me she's three days late. She's worried and so am I. I was wondering is it possible she's pregnant even though I believe I didn't come at all. Read some articles saying if she was a week after or before approaching her period, then it's unlikely that she is. But then again, idk


There is a possibility that she may be pregnant. She should take an at-home pregnancy test, and follow up with her healthcare providers (docto or gynecolgist, preferably gynecologist), and tell them what happened as well.

You may not have ejaculated, but all men produce pre-ejaculatory fluid that is secreted when a man becomes aroused and when he is hard. You don't feel that secreting. It is a thin, watery-like clear fluid, and is used to flush out the man's urethra (where he pees and where the sperm goes through during ejaculation). It is used to clear anything out of the way so that when the man ejaculates, the sperm can pass through easily to hypothetically be ejaculated into a woman to fetilize an egg. If there is left over sperm in the urethra from a pervious ejaculation, the pre-ejaculatory fluid can contain sperm, which therefore may have been transfered into your partner when the condom broke. If you had bathed and not ejaculated prior to having sex, and/or urinated before having sex, both of these things may have cleaned you out so that your pre-ejaculatory fluid did not have sperm in it. However, this is not guarenteed. 

But regardless of all of this, there are also oppposing arguments saying pre-ejaculation fluid always has sperm, so it is very versatile and you will not get a straight answer. The only way you will get a straight answer is if the woman you had sex with takes a pregnancy test. I reccomend taking one right away, considering she is already 3 days late. If it is negative, take another one a few more days from now if she still hasn't gotten her period (pregnancy test kits usually come in 2 or 3 per box, and you can get them at convenience and drug stores usuaually). If her results are postive for the at-home test, she should get into contact with her doctors immediatley for a follow up blood test to confirm. 

I hope this helped, good luck!