Okay so to begin with I'm 17 andh I have never been regular with my period, I've gone probably over a year once without it but recently it's been seeming to get better. I had it within the first two weeks of June 2015 then two months later, on August 5th. I had sex for the first time on August 16th, about a week after I finished my period. It was protected, with a condom but no birth control and he didn't ejaculate at all. The condom did not break or anything. I'm no very worried about that much. I still haven't gotten my period, but that's normal for me. I've had none of the "early pregnancy signs," either. My boyfriend is freaking because we're both too young and we aren't having sex again until we're both ready to support a child. But today, we were alone and decided to shower together and I gave him oral. I did not swallow so what I'm possibly asking even though most didn't go onto my torso, could it somehow get me pregnant? He was major freaking out, which made me and somehow within an hour resulted in talking about Plan B, getting it from the store and me taking it. I feel like we over exaggerated with everything but took it still as a precautionary measure of some sort.