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I am 16 and I am worried that I have had a miscarriage and I need help. My period was late and for the past 2 to 3 weeks my breast have swollen and gotten tender and i have had the urge to throw up and random moments. Well yesterday I started bleeding just a steady red flow nothing like my period though it was much lighter I began to worry there was something wrong so I called my friends mother, who is a nurse, and she said that some women had "delayed periods" and it was nothing to worry about. Well when I came home today after school I passed a stringy golf ball sized dark red amount of blood and I am worried I may have miscarried? I have spent all day crying cause I have no idea what is going on. Please help me with info you can give me.


my usual mesturation cycle starts on aroun 28 th of the month.I have taken pills ( premolut-n) on 30th Dec to postpone my period. and continue for next 2 days ( i.e. 30,31,1)and during this i have sex.i have stopped taking pills from 1st but till now already 2 days past but i have no symptoms of my mensturation. i have fear whether i got pregnant or not?