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In the past few weeks before I started my period I have been feeling tired, bloated, and suffered bouts of nausea with the odd occassional pang for oranges which isnt normal for me.  Im 43 years old have  had two children and my tubes clipped 10 years ago.  Recently become much more sexually active in the past few months then Ive been in the past 10 years as have new partner.  The period Ive just had began differently, It was 1 day overdue, normally im spot on with my period. 28 day cycle.  I  was having sex and they started..I felt slight pain on one side , that night went to the toilet in some pain and passed a large clot, and then a large amount of blood.  For two days later Ive been so tired I decided to take iron tablets thinking maybe im a little anemic.  My period settled on the 3rd day, then on the 4th day i went to toilet and another gush of blood, bright red.  Im still really tired, could i have miscarried or am i starting to go through the change of life.?


Hi Karyn,

It's unlikely a pregnancy since you've had your tubes clipped.  It could be due to uterine polyps or uterine fibroids (non-cancerous tumor).

Check with your ob/gyn for confirmation.

Good luck.