These are the dates that I had intercourse (Never used protection)-

(Fertile Days with intercourse) 6th,10th, May

12th,13th,14th,15th,16th,19th,22nd May

(23rd May 3 Days late, [Period heavy)

29th,30th May

1st,2nd,3rd June

(Fertile with intercourse)6th June

(Ovulation with intercourse) 10th June

12th,13th June


For the past three week's I have been feeling like all of a sudden I'll need a wee so I'll run to the toilet thinking Im going to wee load's but hardly anything come's out, Anyway's on the 15th of june' I got this feeling whilst I was in the shower so i quickly jumped out and got on the toilet and as I expected only a little bit of wee came out but so did this thing and I was curious so I got it out of the toilet and the best way to describe it is as like the shape of a snakes head with like 2 centimeeters long vain attached to the snake head shaped bit' it was smaller than my little finger nail. I straight away suspected it to be a miscarriage because I started to suspect I might be pregnant on the 10th June because I was starting to feel sick late at night and early hours of the morning, My boy friend had also said a few days before that iv been acting different in my mood's but I didn't bother taking a pregnacy test because I was going to wait till my next period wich was due (24th June) 2 weeks from then' but then this happend on the 15th June. I then went to the toilet 2 more times with in 3 hours and more stuff came out, the second time it was more ov a curly white piece and the third time was a small white ball with afew loose bits. Afterward's I started to feel light headed and got hot all ov a sudden the i'd go back to normal then I got some shooting pains but no blood had passed only pincky discharge a few day's before and the day it had happend but my last period the month before was 3 days late on 23rd of May and was heavy for a week . I googled what a miscarriage with no blood could meen and it said a missed miscarriage or a Blighted ovum. This can happen by my body not recognizing that I have miscarried but iv been to the doctors today and had a pregnancy test and it came out negative but it also said i have blood in my urine but it was only 2 days ago since i think i miscarried or could it be possible that i had miscarried in may thats why my period was 3 days late and only now is the fetus starting to pass or is it just that iv had a missed miscarriage and i will start to bleed in a few days or in a week? Im now feeling very sick, Constantly feel like iv got some sort ov a stitch, cramping, back ache, shooting pain's in my belly button, i can wee propperly now and iv got a very white disscharge.


Iv googled what a 3-4-5 week old fetus would look like and there's a few pictures where the fetus is see threw and the liver looks like its attached to the umbilical cord and that's exactly what looks like what came out of me the first time.


Please help :-(