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7 days ago (Sunday) I hadn't got my period but was 'spotting' (pinkish/brownish, not much of it), so I did a pregnancy test which was positive. It was very faint, so I did a digital test the day after which said 'Pregnant'. I did another normal test too, and the line was really faint, but you could just about see it.

The spotting continued and I was okay about this as I have read on here that this was normal, it would have been around the time I should get it (ie about 10 days after conception).

On Thursday, I got up in the morning and there was blood when I wiped, it hadn't made it to my knickers but it was definitely redder.

I went to the docs but she said there was nothing they could do to tell as it was too early. She said do another test Sunday.

The blood was there again Friday morning - same thing, same amount, but haven't bled since and its now Sunday night. I just did a test and the blue line much stronger than the test I did on Tuesday morning.

On Thursday I was convinced I had miscarried but now I am not so sure. The only other thing that makes me think I have is that my boobs were really sore and now they aren't too bad. I haven't had any pain whatsoever, cramps or anything and definitely haven't had a period.

Have I miscarried or not?


Miscarriage blood is HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY, with clots, and you would be in substantial pain.

Many women will bleed during pregnancy, they will spot a bit, or often have bleeding at various times.

YES, you probably are still pregnant.

With an early miscarriage there is nothing that they can do.


I wasnt feeling any pain and i was only spotting and I had a miscarraige so i would go to your doctor and have them screen your HCG levels to find out. Thats how they found out about mine