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For about three weeks I have had pregnancy symptoms... frequent urination, breasts so tender I had to hold them, hot flashes, and let's not forget spending my first waking seconds scrambling to the toilet bowl to vomit. Well, I'd noticed for the past few days that my symptoms were slowly going away, and as wonderful as it was, I was concerned. Two days ago, I got mild to severe cramps that were like menstrual cramps. I went to the bathroom and it was kind of a light brown discharge. My first thought was that I was mistaken about being pregnant and this is my well overdue period. Except I had this deep down, motherly gut feeling I was pregnant. But I wondered why it looked like that... it wasn't normal at all for me. I brushed it off, and decided to not jump to conclusions until something else happened. Well, it did. Yesterday I started passing blood clots, and I had lower back pain and severe nausea. I went to the bathroom another time and I had passed some grayish-pink thick tissue, that was stringy at parts... I'm pretty sure now it was a miscarriage.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Please help.


This sounds verry much like a miscarriage. And if your pretty sure it was, you should go to the hospital or call your doctor, and if you don't have one. It's healthy you should go. A miscarriage isn't just something to brush off after it's happened. It calls for medical attention.