I was wondering if anyone else has gone through anything like this and what the results were.
I am 22 and I have always had a regular 28-30 day cycle, regardless of stress level, etc. several years ago I came off my birthcontrol (ortho tricyclen-lo) and resumed a normal period. I am now back on the pill and have been on it for several months. At the end of January, I finished my pack and started my withdrawal bleed 2 days later than usual on 2/5. When it did come, it was brownish in color it only lasted a few hours and was much lighter than a normal period. I thought that I could be pregnant so I did not start a new pack. Now it is 3/11 and still no signs of a period and I am a week late. This isn't normal for me at all.

We did use the withdrawal method and I was on the pill. i know neither are 100% we were sexually active each week of the month. in the event that the pill failed, would it cause me to ovulate later than usual? My last normal withdrawal bleed was jan 6th/7th. so far the HPTs have been negative and the ultrasound tech told me it might be too soon to pick up. If I had ovulated very late in January, I would only be 5 weeks along or so.

I've been nauseous on and off, tired, emotional and my breasts have been really sore and tender. my nipples feel as if they are being stabbed from the inside out. But my usual period signs (breakouts, cramping, bloating usually start a week or 2 before my period and are no where to be found.)

I know there are a lot of factors here but any personal experience would be helpful.