I missed the entire first week of my pill pack, and had unprotected sex. About a week later, during the middle of my cycle, I had spotting. This is normal for me. My doc and I are working on that. Usually this mid-cycle bleeding is 2-3 days, but this was maybe spotting only once.

After that, I had absolutely no signs of PMS. It was weird. I felt nothing. No tender breasts or anything. I usually break out in acne as well, and I didn't.

My period always comes a day earlier than I start the placebos. Thiis time, I had no period, and no signs of it. I did have some slight cramping during the time I should have had my period, and some back pain. Took a pregnancy test when my period was 6 days late, but it was negative. My period is now 9 days late and no sign of it coming. I've also been having random bouts of car sickness/ dizziness feelings.

I have been pretty stressed, but I've been MUCH more stressed before, and I have NEVER missed my period due to stress or anything else. If anything, I have too many periods. Any ideas what this could be? Is it possible I'm pregnant? What else could it be?

Thanks for the help!