I was wondering if you may be able to help me. I have been taking my combined pill (microgynon 30) recently and i happened to miss 2 pills near the beginning of my pack (not directly at the start) and not right after each other either. I did not take these ones and waited until the end of the pack to take the ones that I missed. After having missed them though I did not have sex for about 9 days afterwards and we used a condom as well as taking my pills just to be safe. I have been worried about the chances of me becoming pregnant because i missed those two pills as I wasn't informed that you should take them as soon as you remember, (even if that means 2 in one day) So i didn't. I have recently finished that pack and HAVE had my withdrawal bleed. If I have had my withdrawal bleed, is this a sign that am NOT pregnant? When would it be safe to take a test just to be sure as I don't know when my proper periods are due because they are always very irregular? We had sex about a week ago and we used a condom throughout the actual intercourse and as far as I know they had NO splits etc. The only thing that worries me is that he did touch himself and then my vagina and I worry about the chances of getting pregnant due to the precum. I've had no signs of pregnancy so far other than back ache and my boobs felt a bit more full but I thought that was due to having my withdrawal bleed. My bleed lasted about the same as normal, maybe a bit lighter but not by much. I also took a test as my withdrawal bleed took 3 days to kick in after stopping the pills and it did say negative, then that's when the withdrawal bleed came. Thanks x