hey, i hope someone will be able to help me as im really getting worried about my body. i went on the depo injection in jan and it lasts up to 3months , well i was going on my hols in june so i needed my other lot of the depo so i didnt come on a period, but 2 days b4 i left my hols to come home i started bleeding really badly(i dont want to sound too graphic but there was clots in my blood) %-) well ever since that bleed i have not bled since which was 12 weeks ago, i really need some help.... i have bin to the doctors and to the hospital they have told me that there is nothing wrong with me but im not convinced. they have also told me that im not pregnant :-( but i feel that this is not as all as its cracked out to be, if anybody has any different views on this or is going through the same thing as me then plz get in touch with me thanx xx