Hello :) I had my first depo shot on the 16th of April this year, on the 15th was my last day of my period (sorry for tmi) and i have read that your meant to get it while on your period because that's when it comes activly affective but my doctor knew i had come off my period the day before and gave it me. Im sure she wouldnt of gave it me if it wasnt affective if your not on your period! I have had previous conaception like the pill, which messed up my periods, the patch, which gave me noes bleeds and the implant and with that i was on my period for 6 months so i had it removed but on the depo i never bled and my doctor said there was a high % i would but i am glad i never. I gave birth on the 4th January this year and when me and my partner had sex (again sorry for tmi) i always made him wear a condom because i dont want another baby as i am 17 and i want to be with my daughter on her own for a few years, after giving birth i didnt have a period until 10 weeks after my daughter was born and i only had 2, both irregular. I am fritend of getting pregnant again as i am to young to have 2 babies plus im not ready for 2, my doctor said to me to wait 10 days until i had unprotective sex with my partner but i waited 13 to be on the safe side. I havent had a period this month, i know im not pregnant but there is always that little thing in the back of my head saying "what if i am" today iv been really really ill and my head has been spinning and iv been getting hot and cold and felling like im going to be sick and i started leaking white discharge. Can the depo stop your periods with the first injection and if you have any more advice on the depo please tell me :) Thankyou xx