I had my last depo injection 17th June 10' and was due my next one 26th Aug 10' .. I didnt go as me and my partner want to try for a baby.

We have been trying since that date and still no luck, so we have been trying for 5months in 3days time.

I think its depos fault that im not because we are trying everything to help and nothing is helping! :-( we are getting desprate now for any advisee pleasee!

I know hes fertile because he already has another child from a previous relationship and i know i am because even though i dont have a child as of yet i managed to get pregnant a few months before i went onto depo (about 4-5months before) but am sad to say i misscaried after just under 3months. My doc wont check to make sure i can deff make a baby until iv been trying with my partner for a year or more, thats the frustrating thing because iv had symptoms since we've been trying, also started getting a harder and bigger belly (and then i went to the doc about it and as i was spotting she sed she would check down there t see if its anything else and then i was t go home and do a test) when she did this she put something up to check and i came on extremly heavy when she pushed it against my cervix.

Im wondering if i was then, not that i can do anything now. Or wether i havnt been since the last time i was and the depo is stopping me :-( i think it is so if any one has any advise to help about the depo problem? please could you helpp? "/

thanks to anyone that does reply, much apriciated. were despratee!