so me & my boyfriend had sex starting from February 27th til about march 6th. i had my last normal period February 19th. then after me & my boyfriend had sex, i started bleeding about march 8th I'm pretty sure. it wasn't even close to being like my normal period. it was light at first & was really dark brown. then it started to get a little bit more heavier but not hardly any to fill a pad, & so it changed to like a dark brownish red/pinkish. it then stopped, it only lasted about 3 days. & i don't know if it was my period, but i shouldn't of had my period until around the 19th of march. so i don't know if that was an early period or what. but i took a test about like march 12th or 13th or something & it came back negative. but i don't know if i tested too early or what. but when i should of originally started my period was march 19th & i haven't started that. so i don't know if the bleeding i had in the beginning of the month was an early period or implantation bleeding. can someone please fill me in here & let me know what everyone thinks. me & my boyfriend are TTC. I've had stomach pain, in my lower stomach & on my sides. & my boobs have been really sore & painful like, i don't even touch them & they hurt. so pregnant woman please help me out here or woman that have kids already & know what to experience please let me know what you guys think. I'm hoping I'm pregnant