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Hi all. I’m 42 and was diagnosed with cancer almost 4 years ago. I had surgery and it did help a lot… But, I have constant pain for which I usually take oxycodone 80mg. The trouble is that I should get new refill but my doc is not in the city and will come back in 2 weeks and nobody else wants to give it to me…. What should I do???


Which hospital did you go to??? I really see no reason why they can’t give it to you if you have your docs’ prescription.... You can also go to an emergency but be sure to bring at least some evidence what condition you are in – I’m sure they will be able to help you out… I see no reason why they shouldn’t. Take care.


Hi Orel,

If you can't get the oxycodone, try to get some tramadol, ultram, or ultraset.

It's a good sub, but you will still need a prescription.

And if you have an insurance that can handle a 90 day supply, demand, yes demand that your doctor give you a prescription for that amount. And if he won't do it............get another doctor that will.

Some doctors like to only hand out small amounts due to the fact that some people abuse the drug. And other doctors do it so that you have to come running to them every month for the payment of another doctors visit.

If you have taken the drug for quite a while, your doctor should be aware of how you are handling the drug, and whether or not you are abusing it. After a safe period of time he should prescribe you a sufficient amount, so that you won't run out again.

Hope This Helps.

longknife :D