I can't get a straight answer. I have sciatica. Last July 2012 my orthopedist sent me for phys. therapy. Didn't work. Sent me to a neurosurgeon, she sent me for epidural. Didn't work. Mylogram. Suddenly now my 4 & 5th lumbar 3 - 4 times the size they should be. Surgery needed. Went for 2nd opinion. Hyms and haws. Surgery one way to go, he says. Wants to check my hip, MRI. Nothing, hip fine. Hurts, gives way, but fine. Go to my regular PA for pain. She is at first all about the surgery. Gives me gabapentin and flexiril. I ask her to look at reports and let me know what she thinks about surgery. Go back in today. Yes, meds making life more manageable, but she is non-committal about surgery. I am scared. Will I be able to be a whole person after this? By whole I mean, sexually and activley like boating, tubing, hiking, cycling, walking, dancing?