Hello, presently I take 80 to 100mg per day and am preparing my life for detox. I'm not prescribed for any kind of pain. To suppress emotions was the initial reason. I found this site very helpful, but have a few questions of my own. My plan is to ween down to 20 mg then go cold turkey. I have read about helpful tips to ensure success. I will let my mother know, I'm 38 years old. But am going to try and keep it from my husband because I don't want to take the chance that he will be greatly disaappointed and this would make me depressed. Approximately how long will the physical symptoms of withdrawl be present? Also, do you recommend any vitamins to help with depression? Doctor prescribed anti-depressants have a negative effect on me. At present I take a multi-vitamin, milkthistle, B6, garlic, vitamin D and coenzyme Q10.
Thank you in advance.