Hello all, and thankyou for reading this. i have been a DILAUDED SNORTER for the past 3 years, and have actually went through the hell of detoxing at home several times as i purchase 100mg of DILAUDED per day off of a close friend. Let me tell you, that this is going to be the hardest thing in your life, Do NOT, use subuxone or Methadone, as you are just starting another addiction, Follow my Recipe and you should only have about 36 hours of HELL!

here it is: dont know why my text is so large, forgive me!

Go buy a rapid detox kit, any kind, i use a liver detox.

Use a multi vitamin and any other type of vitamins you can get, B,D,C, fish oil.

use a benzo for the first 36 to 48 hours, i used  ativan for the first day, then switched over to trazadone, it is non addictive.

ween off the opiate as much as you can,

start the detox kit and vitamins,

take benzo's to stay asleep for 30 hours or longer,

u will feel better within 40 hours and should force yourself to do something,

lots of hot bath now, buy energy viamin drinks, get some L-Tyrosine for energy.

Get in the sun, if you can and sweat, sweat, as much as you can, while drinking 800ml of water every 10 mins, do not take lopermide, let the diahrea pass through. start eating after 30 hours or so. and keep on the detox. 48 hours u will be tired, all this will pass, and as hard as it is YOU MUST think POSITIVE after 30 hours. This time i am finished, i cant do this to my wife and child any longer. Good Luck and god bless.