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Hello.. Im new to this, just wondering if anyone can give me some sort off advice? We're trying for baby #3 ever since i had my second son a year ago, my cycle is irregular, well we've been ttc for 5months now.. i had a period off some 07/09 and it ended 13/09. Last two days ive been having really heavy/full and sore & tingly breasts.. i have a metalic taste in my mouth, im more tired than usual, come 10am i cant keep my eyes open, i have slight back cramps, and a few low down on my right side but it comes and goes.. i was around a smoker yesterday and it make me heave. it feels like my period is going to arrive but obvioulsy it hasnt.. Im wondering could i off caught pregnant?! Week after my period would be to early? Or could i off caught pregnant had abit off a period? Im confused, obviously cant take a test as i had a period last week.


i think that you should take a pregnacy test just to make sure