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sofiat19 22 hours ago Hi guys I'd like some advice so anyone that reading this and has an imput id really appreciate it. I been ttc for over a year now me and my husband have regular intercourse I been using the opk aswel my last period last 3-4days max Turing light the last 2days, I also been spotting for over a week and a half it first started as pink discharge then light spotting then a a drop or two of blood but that's it, only when I wipe tho ino this is implantation bleeding because this is nothing like my period. I been struggling to sleep at night recently always moving around waking up in the middle of the night not much of n appetite but when I eat I can eat loads. I been getting leg cramps and a weird feeling in my tummy like muscle pulling. I feel sick sometimes but never actualy vomit I just heave, and I feel wet down there all the tym now. I'm always holdin my belly but I'm scared to test if I'm pregnant because I can't cope with another negative,so I havnt tested. I havent told my husband eitha incase im not i don't Wana get his hopes up. I been feeling like this for bout 2weeks and havent yet test I keep telling myself wait another week. I need help guys. Any advice?? _________________ Edited by sofiat19 on 2011-12-22 15:13:28;


if you feel really emotional that is another sign of pregnacy

If you think you might be pregnant then take a test but if you are worried about the results then if you think they will be negative if they are you might not be as down hearted

Some couples have to wait years and years for a pregnacy so you shouldn`t worry too much as this wont help xx