Hey ladies ,sorry this is a bit long but my boyfriend recently came to visit and after a while of not seeing each other i guess we were "excited" we had unprotected sex everyday monday-friday ,and Sunday . It's now a week later and i began cramping Friday thinking a period was coming 2 days later i got some brown spotting which is out of the norm for me ,theres no flow only when i wipe and a small spot on a pad . I was on the depo shot so i wasn't keeping track of my period & i fell into tht habbit ive been off the shot for 3months now & i heard after stopping the shot it takes a while to get pregnant but i only ever got 3 shots & after 2monthes of the shot I'd get my period faithfully (it's suppose to last 3 monthes) but anyway , i don't have any idea when my period would start this month and idk which day i would've got pregnant so I dont think a test would be accurate . Its been 2 weeks since the first night of unprotected sex though any advice ? My lower back is killing me im always tired & i think I have implantation bleeding ,what should I do ?