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Hi there,
I feel as though I'm pregnant basically, but home pregnancy tests say I'm not. I have mild abdominal (pain), better described as just a dull weired feeling, I have rapidly gained weight over the last 3 months about 15kg all up, I am frequently getting headaches which is unusual for me, occasionally I am experiencing dizzy spells and almost fainting, I am always tiered even after having more than 12hours sleep, (although I do have to kids under 3, 1 being adhd), My partner says in the last 4-5 months I have been extreemly moody with my moods changing every 5 min. I have sore and tender breasts. I have had very unusual menstral cycles sometimes I miss and sometimes they are quite heavy which is very strange for me, usually my cycle is spot on give or take only one day and very light only lasting up to 2days. Any ideas cos I'm lost ?


All of this can be symptoms of pregnancy. Have you considered doing a blood test.
I know it has been a while since you have posted, but I would like to know have you found out are you pregnant or not.
Sometimes it can happen that woman have menstruation while pregnant. But if this is your case that you should go and see a doctor.



i would advice you to get your thyroid function checked out! this can be done by a simple blood test - go to your doctor and ask for one

i predict you have hypothyroidism, worth looking up and speaking to your doc about

-good luck!