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For the past couple weeks, I have been experiencing constant severe bloating, with my belly protruding to the point I almost look pregnant.  I generally have a lean stomach.  

I have had problems with constipation for a few years now, where I go about every other day. I've been able to manage it with proper diet and hydration. When I'd get constipated, I did experience bloating but it was minimal, and would go away once I had BM. Now, even after I have a bm, the bloating persists!  When I eat a meal, I feel discomfort after.  I haven't had any changes to my diet recently.  I've been drinking water, warm lemon water, kombucha, and started taking a probiotic last week. I've also been taking Miralax for the past three days. I got an ultrasound early this morning, but the results came back normal, which is good, but I still don't have answers.  

Also - I don't eat that much meat, but I also don't consume that many products high in protein to compensate. Could this contribute? 


having same problem for months now. dr keeps trying new things but when I finally have a BM its an explosion that shows undigested food and leaves me feeling sick and still bloated. dr has had me on Miralax, docusate w/ sennosides, Amitiza, Aloe Vera juice,  also take probiotics.  no one thing works I have to use all of them and wait for days for anything to happen then I am chained to the toilet for hours. I do have a mild cholesterol problem and liver enzymes are high so she had me quit cholesterol meds. she had a CT scan done but nothing showed up she said. Gastro dr refuses to do colonoscopy because he says constipation is not a good enough reason to do one.. I am miserable and ready to croak.