i've been experiencing this chronic abdominal pain which totally interferes with my daily activities. When I get these pains, my stomach bloats, i have severe backache, and of course, i can't have a bm. Before these symptoms would last a day. Now they last up to 4 days(the pain). I won't have a bm for weeks, bad ha. I know im blocked up. I have been prescribed famodine which is like pepsid and intestinal cramp pain, which i see no results. Still suffering from this dreadfull pain. Doctors tell me the same thing, drink lots of water, eat more fiber, etc. I've had x-rays, ultrasounds, I've tried miralax and it does work to have a bm after 2 days, or metamucil, stool softeners. They can work but not to clean out my system. Next, I went to a health foods store, and purchased a daily cleanse supplement with fiber. It works great in about a week after first taking it. But you have to take it faithfully. Then couple of months later I get the chronic pain again. And it starts alll over. i just wish I could be cured of this problem. I want to feel normal again. Have bm's daily and live my life to its full capacity.