just thought I'd share my experience since this page was really helpful for me. I am 5 days post-op. The surgery itself was fine, I woke up uncomfortable but not in much pain and was able to pee immediately after. No enema was given beforehand. I was prescribed Vicodin (a possible constipator), diazepam muscle relaxant (and possible constipator), dulcolax stool softener, and some type of anti-nausea, with instructions to purchase and take OTC benefiber as directed on the package. Within an hour I felt like I had to poo, and was told this was due to swelling. Got home, took a nap, and woke up extremely nauseous. Took the muscle relaxant hoping it would knock me out and went back to sleep. Up again an hour later feeling the need to poo. Took the Vicodin hoping to knock me out, up again an hour later. Cold sweats and shivers all night, kept feeling like I needed to poo. Got out of bed at 4am and found some ibuprofen, and tada! the decrease in swelling stopped making me feel like I had to poo, and I got in a solid 3 hours. Day 2 was benefiber, ibuprofen, softener, and relaxant. Day 3 came the dreaded BM... that did not come. On 5 separate occasions I spent an hour in every possible position trying to go. I could feel it there, it would not come. Intense internal pain, nausea and cold sweats, crying on the bathroom floor, no BM. Contacted the surgeon morning of day 4, told this was normal, and was prescribed the equivalent of miralax. The addition of miralax made me extremely gassy, with bits of diarrhea with every passing of gas. Two more rounds of hour-long failed BMs took me to urgent care where I spent a hellish 10 hours. A mineral enema got me to pass a painful quarter-sized piece. X-ray showed my entire colon was backed up, and after an extremely painful physical exam, the doctor concluded that I was impacted, and therefore it was impossible to pass it on my own. So he had to break it up. Manually. With two fingers. It was excruciating. I have a high pain tolerance - a 30 hour natural labor and 12 hour ribcage tattoo I handled just fine. Those 5 minutes contained the most excruciating pain I have endured in my life. I passed a significant amount of stool afterwards, and went home exhausted. Now day 5, I am on benefiber, miralax, ibuprofen, and Tylenol. My first BM in the morning was hard and resulted in a small tear, 2nd one in the afternoon was soft and barely painful, and now at the end of day it seems my colon is cleaning itself out as I have extreme diarrhea. 

So a few tips if I could do it over: start the benefiber a week before surgery, make sure your stools are soft going in. Before surgery I was a regular morning pooper with no problems, but I guess that wasn't enough. I would do an enema beforehand to clean yourself out, but that's just me. If you can, avoid any medications that have constipation as a side-effect. I assume I was prescribed the softener to counter that, but it obviously didn't work. And be prepared for your water bill to go up, cause warm baths are going to be your best friend for a while!