I am at the end of my rope... I am 18 years old and have suffered from chronic constipation, severe bloating and pain for three years now. I have had every test imaginable done... Celiac testing, colonoscopy/endoscopy, barium enema, upper GI series, blood allergy testing, fructose/lactose testing... Everything appears normal. I eat a very clean diet... I try to avoid anything fatty or spicy that could worsen symptoms. But no matter what I eat, within 5 min, I experience severe pain and bloating (and oddly have very little gas)... I look around 6 mo pregnant. This is debilitating as I am fearful to eat and experience this pain and discomfort. I am currently trying to wean off laxatives.. I was using around 10 senna tablets a night and not getting results. I was told my the Cleveland Clinic that if I did not wean off laxatives, they would have to remove my colon. So, I am decreasing lax use and supplementing with Milk of Mag and Miralax. I am on Amitiza right now.. 25 mg per day... nothing but chest tightness and itching as a result. I have seen every holistic doctor possible... acupuncture, chiropractor, nutritionist.... I have done so many supplement regimens... Everything to no avail. Probiotics did nothing but worsen the pain and bloating.. Even water hurts my stomach. When I get bloated, I have severe severe pelvic distension as well. The doctors have done nothing to help. I was diagnosed with IBS-C a few months ago. Is there any test you recommend I take? Something is wrong... I just don't know what yet. You have to push docs to get them to test. Any medications that may help?? PLEASE, any insight is so so so appreciated. I am in so much pain and need help.