I am 17 days post op. I'm 28 years old, suffered from external hemmroids for 12 years. My doctor never sugar coated this procedure saying it would be very painful. I thought I've had 3 kids, dental surgeries, hernia, etc. This wouldn't be anything I couldn't handle. WOW was I so wrong, I've been in intense pain one trip to the ER. I feel like I'm dying every time I have a BM. I'm constantly taking baths, stopped the percocet because of the constipation, but tonight after an excruciating BM I took a 800 ib profen and a perc. I scream and cry when going to the bathroom, I dread the thought of going and I've even wanted to not eat. I bought high fiber cereal and fiber bars, drink water all day. Drink prune juice and miralax, taking stool softeners. I'm in complete misery and frustrated I'm still suffering. I know I had 4 different clusters removed so the incisions and muscle spams are of course going to be painful, but I cannot say I recommend this surgery. Try everything possible before this. I pray mine never come back, and I'm even scared I may have caused anal stenosis from being constipated and pushing so hard. I've had two follow ups they say it's apart of the painful recovery and looks like it's healing normal, it just doesn't feel normal to me. I'm ready to be able to leave the house and not be scared of a BM. I'm suppose to return to work in 3 days but there's no way I can sit at a desk all day and be in pain. For those recovering I feel for you, for those who have had a mild recovery you're so lucky I'm happy for you, and those considering this research entirely the good and bad.