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Hi! I'm going to preface this post with some background information: I'm 19 and I've been suffering with constipation for my entire life (my parents have videos of me straining to have a BM when I was still in pampers). It wasn't until last year that I was diagnosed with constipation by delayed colonic transit and put on Miralax to help move my BM's.

Unfortunately, because this diagnosis came so late, I've been straining to have BM's for the past 19 years, changes in lifestyle (diet, exercise, fiber supplement, etc.) all for naught. This straining led to hemorrhoids, which brings me to this forum. I've been dealing with hemorrhoids since elementary school, and when I have a flare up, I'm practically debilitated from the pain– my last flare-up kept me awake for 3 days straight and gave me multiple migraines. The flare-ups happen once every few months, but can last up to a week. 

I wanted to know if anyone on here has had a hemmorhoidectomy, and what their experience with the procedure was like. I'm figuring that my hemorrhoids are AT LEAST a stage 3, and the surgery looks like the most permanent option. Also, if anyone has constipation by delayed colonic transit and as a result have developed hemorrhoids: how have you dealt with it? What has worked for you? 

I see a lot of the post-op for a hemmohoidectomy has to do with the intake of fiber, but too much fiber can actually make me MORE constipated. :( 

Any thoughts, opinions, or personal experiences would be a LIFE SAVER. Thanks for listening to my rambles! 

(P.S. I finally was able to nab an appointment with a colorectal surgeon, and will hopefully have some more answers and a treatment plan, soon.)



I had surgery 2 days ago to remove one column. I have stitches inside and out. So far I have zero regrets.