For about a year now, on some nights I have woken up early morning with this pain in my left side. It has become more occasional over the past month.
It helps to go and have a wee, though it does not feel at all like I need to go, and only helps a little with the pain. When trying to get bak to sleep with this pain I usually have to use a pillow underneath my stomach in order to get more comfortable.
The two following "symptoms" may be nothing to do with the pain in the side, but I shall mention them incase;
**I can feel a tiny "lump" sort of an inch under the left side of my rib cage, fist noticed when I was pregnant 2 years ago and my mom and midwife said it may be a cyst (as mom had them during pregnancy with me) I noticed months after the birth it was still there, but still didn't hurt or anything - and still it does not, even when proding it.
**I also have some bleeding on occaison when I have a bowel movement - not much just a little on the toilet tissue, which I have always but down to piles, as I had this during pregnancy and it seemed to be the same thing.