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Hi eyeveryone, Im new here and this first time posting. I had acdf surgery in 2010 c5-c7. After recovery I did pretty well for 18 months then- bam--- I started have chronic pain for last 7 months. My pain in at base of neck on right side and shoulder pain. I had x-rays and mri. Surgeon said 100% shows fused. I recently had MRI although I have small herniations at each level the only problem on new MRI show.

There is a residual focal indentation of the midline spinal cord (27/44).There is a mild bilateral recess and neural formina narrowing. Mild indentation of spinal cord and c5-c6. The surgeon stated no further surgery and not sure why a Im in pain. He said it may be something I need to live with this surgery was to prevent me from going paralyzed. I understand that however--- why was I doing so good and now in daily pain?? Could this indentation be causing this pain???? Thanks in advance and insight would be greatly appreciated. I feel very frustrated with daily pain.


I am new as well here.  I had surgery in nov 2010 for c56.  It took a little over a year for the fusion to complete, but I had started living to a degree.  Then out of the blue this past late summer/early fall, I started having more pain and it progressed.  I finally talked the Physicians Assistant that I wasn't there begging for the Meds for no reason.  He took heart and sent me for another MRI.  The  c4 was blown.  I had to save the money for the down payment for the hospital and had surgery, again several weeks ago.  My neck, shoulders, HOPE are all dashed and hurt again.

So far I have 2 1/2 years of pain and I have just really had enough.  I live on a fist full of pills daily just to get by.  Enough to if a normal person was taking them, it would knock them out.  I shouldn't be able to tie my shoes or drive, but it really just barely masks the pain enough so that I am not nasty.

There are HUNDREDS of posts like ours, living with pain and agony.  Seems like the medical boards/professionals would see these posts and know that something just isn't adding up and we, the patients are so screwed.........................    

I hope that since you placed your post, enough time has gone by and helped you with your pain.  This just sucks the life/money/dignity out of a person.