Hello am new here.But,I really need some advice.On Sept.2012 I hurt my neck and work by lifting.Seen an doctor he done the test for an MRI done it came back with a pinched nerve and C4-C5 disc herniated and on my cord left arm.Had surgery on DEC 7,2012.Was doing good until 3 moths later.I started hurting on my right arm.On June 24 2013 the doctor had me do another MRI and an ex-ray.On July 16 the doctor told me that I am not fusion and that the test results from the report of the MRI shows that I have C3-C4 Minimal central disc protrusion which effaces the ventral CSF space without contacting the cord.The screws and plate are OK but not healing.C5-C6:Right parenteral disc herniation contacts cord which may be mildly flatten.No cord signal abnormality.That doctor talked about a shot in my neck first and if that didn't help it would be surgery again.Now,I have a workers comp nurse and she didn't like the idea of shots so they sent me to a different doctor for a second opinion.Seen this doctor on Aug 1 2013.He looked at the MRI disk and said that he couldn't see anything.Had me to get a Emg test and a CT Scan.The Emg test says:Abnormal study,Those electodiagnostic findings are consistent with chronic/subacute left C5 radiculopathy .Don't know what that means?Went back on August 30 to find out what this other tells me.He shows me the Ct Scan images and says that the fusion area is not healing(non-union)He looks at the paper report and says that he doesn't think it is right.(Which he said."His opinion)Then when the nurse came in he told her that it is healing and i will need Pt.I asked him about the three reports and the popping and cracking in my neck.He said," that a new one on me never heard that."I am still having pain and tingle and weakness in my left arm.And weakness and burning my right arm and neck on the right side more.I also feel like something is crawling inside of my skin on the right side of my neck.When I get up in the morning out of my bed my arms are heavy and weak and  feel like something in sitting on my neck and middle of back.Can't sit for so long and when i get up my arms start to feel heavy.This doctor is my new doctor the nurse told him because the other doctor that done the surgery does not take workers comp.But he does.I can not go to work because there is no work for me.I am not suppose to lift over 10lbs nor bend nor pulling pushing etc.My questions is 1.Why would one doctor tell me that i have another herniated disk and the other tell me nothing?2.Why would all three reports say the same,could the images show nothing and the reports are wrong?I have looked at the mri images from the one before surgery and the one after and i see the disc that is herniated close to the cord.3.When the plate and screws are going but not fused.Can a person do anymore damage to the neck?Could really need some advice.Thank You