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My situation:

Started taking Adderall XR at age 21. I am 27 now. Dosage ranged from 40 mg/day up to 65 mg/day at the top. I literally took it every single day, since I did not know about these medication vacations.

I add up the total mg usage for the week and here has been my record the past several weeks:

350 mg (for the entire week)
60 (this week)

Question: I've been doing this awhile now and my doctor isn't really clear on how much to taper (he lets me do whatever I want), and I am not clear on what are reasonable expectations of when this hell is going to end.

How many weeks left of this do I have? It's been really rough, and I feel like I may need to do 50 next week, 40, 30, 20, 10, etc. but is that stretching it out?

Also, does anyone have any info/personal experiences about the weight gain afterward and if you ever lose it?

I look like hell, my face is all bloated and I feel like I look like I am hungover or something. Anyone have any experience with this?


You can try. They have steps for tapering off ADHD medicines. I have been taking ADD meds since i was 17, and now I am 28. I am thinking of just going cold turkey and using the vitamins suggested by this website. It will def be painful.

Have you been able to keep at a lower dosage?

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Going cold turkey is rough. So rough that it's a concern whether or not you will be able to handle it being that you aren't superman/woman. Why do that to yourself? Slow and steady wins the race.

Stepping down worked for me because I am finally off of the Adderall. I am 22 days clean from Adderall and, yes, it's still rough. I wonder when my nerves will be calm and when my energy will return.


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