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My nephew have just got the medication adderall.
His doctor started him off with 30 mg, i think that is too much.
What is the dosage should a child at age 10. start off with?

Thank you,


Hi - great question!

My step-son has taken Adderall for most of his youth (not something I am personally a fan of by the way) - and this dosage sounded a bit high to me as well for a 10 year old - especially for a starting I did a bit of research. Here is what I found:

Assuming the Adderall is being prescribed for ADHD, and not narcolepsy, the dosing instructions for adults and children greater than 6 years old are as follows: start at 5 mg, twice per day. Max dose is 40 mg/day. All doses should be divided at 4-6 hour intervals.

My step-son has always experienced a number of undesirable side-effects from his Adderall. His doctors have tried several alternatives, but none were any better. I wish you, and your nephew the best of luck. Take the time to do some research on other ways to control his hyperactivity, besides medications. I wish we had - but, unfortunately, too much time has gone by and he now seems VERY dependent on them to get by. We have tried to wheen him off of them several times - but have not been very successful!