I first started taking strattera for 6 months and soon converted to taking adderall. I have been on adderall for a few months now. I'm very sensitive to medication, so a smaller dose has the same effect on me as some of the people on higher doses. I'm very cautious on how medication effects my health. And though adderall makes you feel full of energy and heightens your moods, I know it does damage on your health(side effects on most medications). So, after a while, I began noticing how I felt incredibley unhealthy while not being on the medication (waking up to the next day before taking the med). I was fatigued and I didn't want to move. I didn't want to have to be on a medication to feel normal. So, I decided to quit.
The adderall withdrawals are very difficult to get through. But only because they make you want to jump right back on to the medication. I became extremely fatigued and depressed. This is because I stopped without weaning off of the medication. Which I really don't recommend. I did jump back on the medication after a week because I began to work. But again I quit after the second week of work because I wanted to try to do everything myself. The second time I quit, the withdrawals hit me again but this time I already knew what was coming to me. So, I faught the effects and would jump out of bed trying to keep optimistic. This helped wake me up a bit and though feeling a bit low, I knew it was only in my head. I figured I was not truely unhappy but it was only the medication. And by keeping that in my head, it helped me get through the day. And if the fatigue gets you too down, I think it's a good idea to get a jump start with a energy drink or a cup of coffee. But not too much, just enough to get you through the day. Soon, your body will adjust and not crave the medication. Because your body can be addicted even though your mind is not. All medication effects people differently. I only have to take a low dose to keep me focused but some people have to take up to 60mg and more. If your side effects outweigh the positive effects, then I highly suggest you talk to your doctor about lowering the dose, changing medications, quitting the medication or getting professional therapy that can help you. The withdrawals lasted me about 2 weeks before I felt completely back to normal but time varies between people(since we're all different). Good luck