Hi, I am a 36 yr old married female. I was originally dx with MDD (Major Depression Disorder) and Anxiety about 15 years ago. I have been on over 5 different antidepressants as well as Wellbutrin and Abilify and nothing has helped. I have always had memory and focusing problems since childhood. I could never read as fast as the other kids and even after finishing I wouldn't remember what I read. My hyperness was only shown through my constant talking. I was a social butterfly. (My sister and brother had the same issues growing up in school) I have been through countless jobs, never able to keep one because I would have problems in performance. I would simply forget how to complete a task that has been demonstrated and explained to me numerous times. Like I could do it for a while and then get lost all of a sudden and then that was it... I could no longer do my job. At the moment I am not working. So my doctor recently (about 1 1/2 to 2 months ago) said she feels that I have undiagnosed ADHD. So I was started on Adderall 5mg IR 2 x day for 2 wks. Then moved to 10mg 2 x day (not feeling any effects positive or negative) then moved up to 20mg 2 x day for the last 3 wks. Now I still do not feel anything positive effects... Still tired, no motivation, and scatter brained. What I do feel is appetite lose, dry mouth and  shortness of breath. My chest always feels heavy. If I try to do chores around the house, talk to much, try to eat and sometimes when I am doing nothing at all I get winded fast and am struggling to take a full beath. I feel like I can never breath in completely. Like I am a asthmatic. All of this causes me to get anxious... and rightly so I think. So the doctor I have been seeing for years leaves the practice. I see a new doctor. She sees all the antidepressants I have tried and failed. I tell her my experience on the Adderall. She tells me that first off all I have Treatment Resistance Depression(antidepressants don't work on me). As far as the Adderall is concerned... maybe it is to high. I said alright but I am still not getting any positive effects. Then she says that maybe my antidepressants are not working because I am deficient in this folat called L-Methylfolate which provents dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and the neurotransmitters to produce. So she gave me Deplin supplement (which insurance does not cover because it is a "medical food" so it is $80 a month) I asked her if I should stop the Adderall and she said no. Don't change any of your meds because she wants to see what the Deplin does (it has done NOTHING). So here I am... Depressed, anxious, scatter brained and not being able to breath right. And my breathing seems to get worse everyday. I don't like this new doctor... I decided to change to my sisters doctor who is helping her with her ADHD. But my appointment is not for 2 weeks. I have no experience with Adderall... Is this breathing thing normal or dangerous? Does it go away? If I don't feel the positive effects from Adderall why keep me on it? Does it mean I can't take stimulants? Is stimulants the only thing that helps people with ADHD? Does Adderall not working mean I don't have ADHD and there is something wrong with my brain... like something unfixable? I am just so worried that there is no hope for me and no medication will ever work on me. I can't keep living this way. Please help.