Christmas Eve I bent down to change the dog's water when I heard a pop in my lower back. The pain was immediate and I had difficulty standing upright. I doctored myself with aspirin while going back and forth with ice and heat not getting even minimal relief. The day after Christmas I called my Dr. I was told the offices for my MD and Chiropractor wouldn't re-open until after the 1st.

By this time my pain in my lower back had somewhat subsided and had settled in my ham string. I felt as though I was in labor. Every 7-8 minutes I had this excruciating muscle spasm which would last any where from 5- 10 seconds. I was miserable and had no sleep to add to my problem.

Finally I was able to go to the pain management Dr who gave me a cortisone shot in my hip. The spasms finally calmed down but haven't completely subsided.

I have no strength in my leg and if I walk too long the spasms return. I have gone to my MD who only wants to put me on drugs. The pain management Dr who only wants to give me injections and I have had massage therapy.

I am not ready to be inactive over this pain. I am desperate for relief.