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Hi everyone.
I've posted to this site several times seeking answers for post (it's been 2 yrs since surgery) ACDF pain.
As I'm sitting here in tremendous pain from my jaw to my fingertips I was wondering if anyone has recieved an answer or a solution to this pain yet?
I just don't want to accept the fact this is for the rest of my life pain!
One person wrote in stating they can deal with muscle spasms..Good for them...mine just about debilitate me.
I spend 1/2 of the day massaging the painful, spasming areas that I can reach. Sometimes the pain is worse than other times. Like tonight I can't sleep. I hurt big time.
If anyone finds anything that helps the pain after ACDF please share it with all of us who suffer. I do take pain meds, Paxil and often times a muscle relaxer (not often they make me sick to my stomach!) and I'm still in pain.



Hi there, sorry to hear you are struggling with this horrific pain there are no words to describe it, except this is living hell!!!

I had a double fusion c5-6 and c6-7 8 months ago, but I also had a 7mm disc fragment which has left me with nerve damage, hence I have seering arm pain. I recently began seeing a new pain management dr. and he started me on Neurontin and Cymbalta, which has helped. I do take less pain meds than before. I would reccommend you see a pain management guy who is not overloaded with tons of patients and only has 2 minutes to spend with you. I am very lucky to have found this Dr. who is very open minded and also is cool with the fact that I want to try accupuncture and accupressure!! If your current pain management guy isn't willing to try different things than get a new Dr. So talk to your Dr and see if he will let you try this combo that has helped me.........

Good Luck!