Hello everyone, I have not been here in some time.
I am having Severe Lower Back Pain, and this travels down my legs, and foot. I am also experiencing some numbness that travels down my lower back, and my legs, and left foot. I had a previous ACD/Fusion surgery , and hardware multi level back in 2006 of my cervical spine. I decided to go see my Neuro. Surgeron who helped me with my neck problem for his help once again. He ordered an Mri of my Spine. The Nurse called to tell me that the Doc. wants me to have the Pain Management people work with me. Epidural Injections is what he is prescribing. I had that treatment on my Cervical Spine prior to having the surgery. That treatment did not work for me previously, but will it work now? My Neuro. prescribed Celebrex 2X daily(100 mgm), and Hydro.Codene 5mgm/500 mgm. I was instructed to take 1-2 pills for pain every 6-8 hours? I tried one, waited an hour took another,still no relief, then took a third in less than 3 hours. These do not help me with my pain whatsoever.
My Mri says that I have bulging discs,spondylolisthesis ( whatever that means) Impingement upon the thecal sac(?) mild to moderate facet hypertrophy,degeneration of the disc material of T10, and T11-T12. Mild to moderate degenerative changes of the lumbar spine with bulging discs, and facet degenerative changes at multiple levels. The most severe central canal, and forminal stenosis are at the L2-L3 level.A slight degree of spondylolisthesis is noted at the L4-L5 Level.
I do not know what any of this means, but I need help with my Pain.
I am feeling that I am being pushed off by my Neuro. Surgeon to a Pain Management doc. I explained that previously that those injections did absolutely nothing, but make my pain GREATER.
What am I suppose to do now? Please help me with some advice.