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Why are you experiencing back pain? Find the problem, fix it, and get back to your normal day to day and favorite workouts with these tips!

Are you just one of many out there who suffer from back pain? When back pain gets in the way, you've got to take care of it as soon as possible! If you've suffered from chronic back pain, the end may be in sight for you as well. Studies on safe, simple, and effective methods of relieving back pain show that there is a way for those who have back pain to be mobile again.


Why Your Back Hurts

Your back may hurt for any number of reasons. To be safe, first check with your physician that there are no torn muscles or damage vertebrae which could be the cause of your back pain. In these cases, other courses of action (mostly rest) should be taken.

Once cleared by your doctor, you can venture out into the world of active healing to find a solution to your back pain and get back to working out. Back pain is usually the result of a muscle or joint imbalance. An imbalance in your back or spine may also be the root cause of shoulder or knee pain. It's not easy to figure out the cause of the problem without the help of a physical therapist. However, even knowing what the problem is may not help you solve the problem. The most common causes of back pain are:

1. Weak back support

Weak back support means that either the muscles of the back or the abdominal muscles are weak, not doing their job properly. The muscles of the core are designed to hold the trunk upright, and if one group is weak, you'll start to feel it.

2. Bilateral imbalances

Bilateral imbalances means a difference in the strength or flexibility between the right and left sides. Either of these may cause problems such as soreness, tightness, or just an uncomfortable feeling in your back. You may also have pain in your hip or knees on one side as a result of the imbalance carrying through to other joints which rely on the symmetry of the spine to function normally.

3. Carrying too heavy of a load

Carrying too heavy a load means you're carrying too much weight. Usually men with extra weight accumulated around the waist will hurt the back. In women, its usually large, heavy breasts which cause back pain. The weaker the back muscles the more stress is places on them, as it pulls the trunk forward. Losing weight should be your primary concern if you fit into this category.

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