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so it seems now, that despite how much sleep i get during the night, (7-9 hours which is ALOT for me now) i wake up extremely tired and continually fall asleep throughout the day. i've been taking power naps at work, but i can't seem to wake up from them, and it is becoming a problem. could this be medically or stress related? i'm a bit concerned, because my entire life, i could get through the day with only 4 hours of sleep and feel rejuvinated. i've been trying to drink coffee, but that doesn't seem to work as well as it used to either, so now i must drink more. any suggestions why this is happening?


Hi, many reasons you could be tired?? You said could it be stress related of medicately related. Are you on some sort of medication that you have not been on before? If yes read the side effects and if tiredness is their, tell your doctor.

Sometimes being iron deficient can make you very very tired, you can get a check up for this, and take iron pills also

Yes sometimes you can be very tired when extremely stressed.

Chronic Fatigue syndrome can make you tired, often triggered by stress, especially if you have had glandular fever as a child

Glandular fever can make you also extremely tired, i would get a check up for this most definately

Why dont you go and get a check up at the Doctor