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I should be over my TWW. Here are the symptoms:

-Twinges, needle-like pokes in lower abdomen, oftentimes the right side. They are sometimes needle-like pokes or they radiate for a few seconds and they go on all day everyday
-Right boob have been sore. Not too much but it is sore. No nipple sore though.
-Increased/excess saliva, more than usual, with moderate metal taste. Always swallowing and spitting. I don't get excess saliva as PMS symptom! Even as I am typing this, I'm salivating like crazy (slurp slurp LOL...sorry maybe that's TMI)
-Extremely sensitive and emotional. During PMS, I do get emotional and sensitive but NOT to the point of CRYING! I NEVER cry during PMS. I'm so good at bottling things inside. To count, I think I have cried 3-4 times this month. I don't even cry in general because I'm the kind of person that masks my emotions. This time, I just couldn't keep it in.
-Tired and fatigued. I attend nursing school in the day and by the time I get home, I plop in bed and take 2-3 hour naps. I NEVER take naps in general. In fact, I hate taking naps, it takes my time in the day. But this time, I come home from school and I'm tired and fall asleep so easy. Plus, I'm still tired after the nap/sleep.
-Burping and very light heartburn. I'd wake up either from sleep or nap burping all day long. I hate that feeling.
-Peeing a little more than usual. I'm peeing every 1-2 hours, and it's a light to moderate amount so I don't have UTI. However, I'm not waking up 3-4 times at night like some women or what online articles are saying. I only wake up about two times but I pee a great deal in the day.
-Have been feeling hot and had hot flashes. And I have been sweating at night!!! I don't sweat at night while sleeping during PMS. I don't even sweat at all in general during my sleep at night!!! I actually can't stand cold and am mostly cold due to anemia.



I got off the pill in October 2010. Never had my period in November (due to getting off the pill and/or PCOS, most likely). I got my period the following month, 12/28/10 (first day of LMP). But I guess my PCOS kicked in because I was bleeding for 12 days; it stopped on January 8th. The bleeding was light to moderate, brown to pink to maroon to dark red and then brown. I saw many tissues through out the whole bleeding.

Well, my intervention to stop the bleeding was to take my BCP - again. I took the first active pill on Jan. 8th. Yes, the bleeding stopped so I thought, "Hey, the one pill stopped the bleeding." I thought it would stop the bleeding for good but I started spotting again on Monday (Jan 10) and had to take two pills, one to make up for Sunday and one for that Monday. Also, I missed a THIRD pill that same week (the first week of active pills), I think it was a Thursday that I missed the 3rd pill. Now, mind you, we did BD all week and thereafter.

It wasn't until two weeks ago, I started to feel like maybe I was having TWW symptoms. Now, I know PMS symptoms and pg symptoms are similar and oftentimes, overlap each other. But I want to list them to see what you guys make of it.

I started experiencing these potential TWW symptoms the start of the second week of my active pills.