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im a girl and turning 21 in 2 weeks, i am always tired that my eyes start to pain and giving me headaches i always want to eat constantly what does that mean?? anyone.


It can mean sooooo many things.

The constant eating is a side effect of your tiredness because your craving carbs to keep energy. 

Why your tired... thats the question. 

Do you have stress or anxiety?
Do you stay asleep at night? Do you dream (a sign that you enter REM, the last stage of sleep)?
Do you have any other symtoms?

I would go ask your doctor to run a blood panel to make sure thyroid and everything is alright...
Possibly ask about a sleep study... you might have sleep apnea. 

Other than that, you have some self exploring to do in order to find out what is going on. 


The Guest said it all - you need to go to your family doctor so he can order a set of basic blood tests to check your iron levels in blood (low iron levels cause anemia and that is one of the most often causes for women your age to feel like this), but also, you should get a full hormonal scan for the thyroid gland. Are your periods regular? Do you have any other condition you could possibly link to this?