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For a few months i have had constant Dull headaches located on the top part of my head, usually toward the front. It's one of those headaches that hurts worse when you move. It does seem to get better if i take a nap, but i can't take naps every day of my life. I DO NOT have depression! I have almost no appetite, i usally only eat because my stomach growls and bubbles. I'm always tired, And i never have energy. I have a relatively regular sleep scheduale and sleep from 8-11 hours a day. (leave me alone, it's summer). I am only 15 and i have extremely mild allergies so i know it's not sinsitis. Other than this, i am healthy. I have a healthy weight, when i do eat, i eat healthy things, I'm a normal height, have good vision and regular cycles. My mom has a history of thyroid problems, and my grandmother has alot of blood problems, and is anemic. So please help!!!



You have answered your own questions honey! I want you to get a thorough blood work up to check your thyroid! I don't think it's anemia - but it doesn't hurt to have that checked! How is your hair?